News| November 18, 2021

EPA Approves Registered Salt For Use In De Nora ClorTec-SD On-Site Generator To Produce Hard Surface Disinfectant

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De Nora announces the launch of the ClorTec® SD disinfectant generator. When used as directed, the ClorTec SD generator produces a ready-to-use (RTU) chlorine-based disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs (Refer to EPA Registration Number: 91386-1 as amended November 2021 for use directions). The RTU solution is generated on-site in quantities adequate to address the challenge of continuously cleaning surfaces in hospitals, senior care facilities, offices, factories, schools and many other critical locations.

“最近的事件使人们更加密切地意识到除了在医疗保健等传统地点之外的传统地点“这也建立了对更具成本效益的清洁和环境可持续解决方案的需求。De Nora很高兴推出Clortec-SD发电机,这使我们的客户可以为便士进行自己的清洁产品,而不是每加仑的美元,以及甚至是甚至大型用户,如医院的数量,同时降低了传统产品包装的影响。“

ClorTec SD systems producing on-site RTU solution use three common consumables - water, salt and power – to produce disinfectant using an electrolytic cell equipped with De Nora proprietary DSA® electrodes. Hospitals, senior care facilities, janitorial cleaning companies, schools and other US located businesses can quickly meet their surface disinfection needs by making their own effective, disinfectant where they need it, when they need it, using safe, readily available ingredients.

“More than 500 million people are already using water treated by De Nora technology. Our ClorTec systems have been providing reliable disinfection for water and wastewater treatment for more than 20 years” continued Wilderer. “Today, the EPA approval allows us to utilize the approved De Nora salt in innovative new ways and applications. As a partner of choice, De Nora is committed to the safety, health and success of our customers and communities.”

Always read and follow label directions. EPA Registration Number 91386-1 mandates specific salt to be used in the ClorTec SD system. Please consult De Nora to obtain the proper salt.

EPA FIFRA Registration does not imply approval for use as a disinfectant or sanitizer for locations outside of the United States. Please check your local regulations regarding biocidal claims and allowable uses in your region.

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